GRiP is a subsidiary of Space Commercial Services Holdings who specialise in the development of small Earth observation satellites and the processing of satellite imagery.

GRiP combines the latest in satellite and aerial imagery, with the most up to date and trustworthy risk data available. This information, which takes enormous amounts of time and effort to source; process; validate; map; and update, is accessible through a proprietary geographic information software.

GRiP supports the short-term insurance sector with web based or locally integrated access to address and risk information. This includes automated address validation and geo-coding, as well as proximity to, and containment within perils; providing the insurer with a more informed understanding of the risks associated with each location.

GRIP’s capabilities in data sourcing; data processing and maintenance; software and systems development; systems integration; and on-going support services, allow us to offer our customers unprecedented data quality and visual analytics.

GRiP’s products and services will assist the insurer to increase premium income; reduce claims expenses; reduce administrative costs; and increase service levels to its clients.

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Address Validation

GRiP AVS ensures that whenever a physical address has to be captured into a client’s system it can be validated and captured in a correctly structured format and stored accordingly.

Data Sets

GRiP sources, validates and maintains risk and market data from trusted research companies and data providers.

Imagery and Risk Information

Conduct preliminary surveys of the building property from your desktop.

Mapping and Visual Analytics

The GRiP Mapping and Visual Analytics delivers enterprise class visual analytic mapping solution to insurers and re-insurers.


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