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During this uncertain time we believe that continuously updated data is crucial, to inform decisions as individuals (and as a collective) about this pandemic.

We’ve created a crowdsource and mapping initiative to gather objective and anonymous information about Covid-19 at a community level. We are hoping to utilise our spatial expertise to map symptom data at a suburb and community level.

We are inviting you to participate and help your community to analyse Covid-19 symptoms with the Covid-19 Symptom Tracker App.

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What’s it about?
Share: Participate and log your symptoms at least once a week
Locate: See a map of communities/areas with higher number of symptoms and how that relates to confirmed cases.
Care: Contribute to up-to-date information to allow individuals and the greater community investigate the possible risks.

Please spread the word! Forward this message to your network of family, friends and colleagues to help.
Data is an essential key to navigate how we can make informed decisions in what is surely a trying time for all.

Please note:
– This app is free.
– We value your data privacy.
– We promise NOT to sell or share your data for unintended use.
– This is not a screening or contact tracing app.

Thank you for your contribution