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GRiP has processed and Geo-Coded literally millions of physical addresses for our clients.

Address lists that are received from our clients are validated and captured in a correctly structured format and stored accordingly. The Geo-coordinates are also returned that will allow the client to map insured locations and clients, incidents, assets, distribution points, etc. This will enable the client to view exposure, accumulation of events etc on a geographical map in order to do spatial analysis.

With the known geo-coded address data the client is able to overlay his data onto other geo-referenced data to extract and attach other relevant data to known address points.

The Geo-Coded address is linked to land parcels (cadastral data) and is enriched with all old and new road names, bi-lingual spelling, old and new town names, as well as all demarcation data (Suburb, Town/City, Province, Country, Municipality).

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